How Can I Write A Letter To My Friend, Condoling The Death Of His grandfather?


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Erin Taylor answered
Write it from your heart . Tell your friend you are sorry to hear the news  of his or her loss. Don't try too hard to say the right thing because there is no right thing to say. When people lose someone they love , there are no words to help them heal . It is a process that takes time. So simply tell them how sorry you are to hear about their loss , and that if  they ever need to talk about it you would be willing to listen . And that you understand if they can't talk about it just yet . But keep the note simple and just tell them you are there for them . Let them know you care about them simply by telling them you are sorry to hear they lost their grandfather and if there is any thing you can do for them . For them to let you know. But don't go on and on or ask question just simply give condolences maybe send a card called a sympathy card you can buy them in any card shop . Grocery store or local drug store. Everyone appreciates you acknowledging their loss, and its the right thing for a friend to do. Just let them know you are thinking about them during their time of need.
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