What Is The Fable Of The Frog And The Ox About?


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A young frog came running to his father in a panic. "Father," it croaked, "I've just seen a monster! It was huge, with sharp horns." His father explained that the "monster" was only an ox. However, the young frog continued to marvel at the ox's huge size, until his father began to feel envious. "Was it as big as this?" he demanded, and began to breathe in to make himself swell up. "Oh, much bigger," replied his son. The father frog began to swell himself up more and more, pausing now and then to ask his son if the ox was as big as this. Each time the reply was the same. The father frog kept swelling and swelling, ignoring his discomfort, until finally he burst. The moral of the fable is that pride often leads to disaster.

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