What Are The Different Kinds Of Books Found Inside The Library?


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A library is a vast collection of books and other resources. Content may differ depending on the type of library, but they generally include the following types of resource:

Fiction Books: Public libraries, as opposed to school or university libraries, usually contain a large number of fictional books. These are often divided into sections based on age and sometimes genre. Novels, collections of short stories, poetry and plays can be found in most libraries.

Non-Fiction Books: Reference books (including encyclopedias, textbooks, instruction manuals and cookbooks) are available in nearly all libraries. The ratio of non-fiction books to fiction books is higher in university or research libraries than it is in public libraries.

CDs and DVDs: Most libraries offer CD and DVD loaning services. Although some libraries do this for free, there is usually a small fee for borrowing these items, and CDs and DVDs usually can't be borrowed for as long as books can be.

Other Services: Libraries nearly always have computers available to the public, with access to the internet and word processing software. Public and children's libraries sometimes organise story-telling sessions for young children, and some even host their own book clubs.
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Library's consit of a vast majority of literature, and amazing books to read. They have all types of books that you will be intrested in

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