What Are The Different Kinds Of A General References Books?


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There are a number of different reference books available to people. A reference book is a book that provides factual information on a number of subjects. They are usually consulted briefly so as to determine certain information. As reference books are not usually used for long periods they are generally kept in library buildings and can’t be loaned out.

Examples of reference books are
Dictionaries - these come in different languages and offer a list of words and their definitions, pronunciation, etymology as well as an example of where the word may be used in a sentence. The Oxford Dictionary is an example of a brand

Encyclopaedias - compressed overviews of subjects. They can be found in numerous volumes or just on book. One of the most popular is the Encyclopaedia Britannica which comes in many volumes.

Atlases - these show the geography of an area, including the terrain, distance, longitude and latitude as well as geographic features. The Times Atlas of the World is an example of an Atlas.

Bibliographies - This is a selection of source information used to compile a book or publication. Usually found at the back of most factual books.

Directories - A book that has a alphabetical order of information about people, organisations, phone numbers or addresses.

Yearbooks - a book that contains information about something that occurs during a certain year. It can be anything from a serious work of things that occur during a year to even a school year book.

Reference books are vast and there are a wide array of them in libraries, book shelves and anywhere books exist. They usually have a list of useful facts or information that is organised in a certain order for easy navigation and access.
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A lot. Go to a library. Librarians are underutilized experts who sit around just waiting to be helpful and are very grateful when they can be such.

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