How Do You Recognise A Witch In Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'?


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There are many ways to recognise a witch!

1. They have blue spit
2. They wear a wig because they are bald (they itch a lot because of the wig)
3. Witches have no toes!
4. They have sea-shell shaped nostrils and can smell children even in the dark. They think children smell of dog droppings....fresh ones!
5.Witches wear gloves to conceal their gnarled hands and claws.
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Don't forget the eyes. In the film their pupils have a glowing purple ring aroud the outside of it. In the book their pupils keep changing colour.

In the book the main thing the narrator uses to spot a witch is her gloves. In the film, it's the eyes that give them away.
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Lots of things : Square feet , Bald Heads , Long Nails , No toes , Big Nostrils , Blue Spit , Claws.
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Witches in Roald Dahl's 'The Witches', have square feet, and bald heads, which they will cover with a wig to disguise the fact that they are a witch. Witches find shoes very uncomfortable because of their square feet.

Witches in 'The Witches', have long claws. To a witch, a child that is nice and clean smells awful to them, very much like 'dog droppings'. Therefore, to avoid a witch, a child must make sure that they have not washed for a while.

Witches disguise themselves by dressing normally so that people do not recognise them as being witches.

The protagonist of the story, who remains unnamed throughout the whole book, is trapped in a roomful of witches in one scene, and witnesses the Grand High Witch removing her mask to reveal her true form. The protagonist also witnesses the witches turn another boy into a mouse after giving him chocolate.

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