How Do You Reflect To A Book?


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First you have to analyze what are the most important ideas that have been discussed in a book. You have to see what is the basic idea or message that the author is trying to convey to the readers. After noting both these things, you should pick out some lines or a paragraph and share it with the other people and explain what makes it important and what effect it had on you.

Another thing that needs to be addressed in the reflection of a book is some discussion on the issues mentioned in the book, if any and how they are going to effect the people and society. In the end, you can recommend the book to the people and mention why it would be of interest to a particular group of people.
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To reflect on a book, or anything, is to try and relate what you've read to your own life.
How might the written word impact on your own situation, if you were to find yourself in similar circumstances?
It's using the ethos of the situation in the book, to 'reflect' on your own life.
Or read a summary or essay of the book, for example, resently I read an interesting essay about athena's role in the odyssey in was very useful for me!
*Hope that helps a bit.

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Helpful site that explains how to do it.

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To reflect on reading is to take the ideas and sense impressions, the mood and expressions that the author has conveyed to by language, and compare them to other mental constructs such as your own experiences, beliefs, values, or other texts you have read, or other ideas or sense impressions within the the text itself. Look here for more!

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Answer qustions like "who's your favorite character or what part you liked the best

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