How Do You Make A Scrap Book?


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A scrap book is basically an arranged compilation of excerpts, notes, images, photographs, and other stuff. One can either purchase a scrapbook album or simply make one. Scrap booking is actually an art, of compiling pictures, memoirs, text, stories etc; the purpose is the same as a photo album, except that a scrapbook is much more comprehensive.

Scrapbooks can be personal or they may be based on a particular topic. For instance, one may make a scrapbook about his or her friends and family, while one can also make a scrapbook about aeroplanes.

To make a scrapbook, first you have ton select a topic or a theme. Then gather all the necessary items that you want to include, like photographs, clippings etc. then arrange everything the way you want to put it. Stick it on to the scrapbook, add text wherever you want. After the content part is done, you can start decorating the book using ribbons, glitter etc.
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All you have to do to make a scrapbook is print out so photos that you like and rearrange them so you like them then maybe get an acid free pen and write a message on the photo!!! There you have it a scrapbook!!!!

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