How Does Nature Reflect Industrialisation In Tess Of The D'Urbervilles?


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Tess of the d'Urbervilles is a novel by Thomas Hardy. It was published in the year 1891. It was subtitled A Pure Woman. It is one of Thomas Hardy's most poignant narratives of the troubles faced by the people who lived in the rural areas. The story revolves around Tess, a poor girl and the daughter of a poor man called John Durbeyfield. He learns from the parson in the village that his family is descended from ancient nobility. They are said to be the last of the family the D'Urbervilles.

Things start going awry for Tess' family when she pays heed to her mother Joan's suggestion and gets romantically involved with Mrs. D'Urberville's son Alec with whom she has an illegitimate child. She eventually marries Angel, the son of the Reverend Mr. Clare, but things begin to get strained when she reveals that she had a past affair with Alec. The story also involves a murder case, an escape and, of course, Tess' superficial impurity and eventual justice.

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