What Was The Relationship Between Mr. Rochester And Jane Eyre?


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Jane's relationship with Mr. Rochester
In this essay I how Jane and Mr Rochester have achieved happiness in various different ways. I will explore the obstacles they have overcome and how they have overcome them. Also, I will explore their relationship progressing and how as the months have gone on, they have become closer.

Mr Rochester and Jane have never simply been employer and employee. There relationship has never been strictly professional and from the moment the met, Mr Rochester was always kind and caring towards Jane. This is shown by the way he talks to her and how he acts around her.
'Mr Rochester, as sat in his damask-covered chair, looked different to
what I had seen him before'
This relationship dominates the novel, as it becomes the most important thing in Jane's life. At first Jane finds Rochester rather rude and insensitive, but it is her ability to stand up to him that earns his love. He hopes to secure her in a bigamous marriage. Although the modern reader is sympathetic to Rochester who was tricked, as a young man, into marrying a lunatic, the 19th century reader would have no doubt that Jane does the right thing in leaving him - to be his mistress is not an option. The fire that widows him also disables him. He has to learn to depend on Jane. And as an heiress, she does not even depend on his fortune any more.

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