How To Write A Letter To Boss For Request Of A Laptop?


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Many people, at some point in their working life, will have to make a request for certain materials or equipment. While for some it may be an inexpensive request to your boss, for others, the request may be more capital-demanding, as they need items such as a cell phone or a laptop computer.

This can be a delicate matter, as it's easy to feel as though you are begging, needy and completely dependent upon others to do your job. There's also the chance of rejection, which can feel hurtful as well as inconvenient and dismissive of you and your work. The best way to make a request for an item such as a laptop is to do so face to face rather than via letter or email.

Asking your boss face to face for equipment such as a laptop is more likely to produce the results and resources you want. This is because, when asked a direct question in person, most polite people will find it difficult to say no. If you confront your boss face to face, they don't have time to come up with a polite way to decline, and so risk appearing cold, heartless and downright mean if they reject you. Don't just go up to your boss in the spur of the moment and ask for equipment, though. You need to make a strong case in order to persuade them that they should part with their money for your sake.

To do this, think about why you need the laptop. Why isn't the desktop computer provided by your boss adequate for your work? How will you benefit from having a laptop? State examples where you could have worked more quickly, carefully or efficiently if you had been in possession of a laptop. Also, don't forget to include information such as whether or not you'll need wi-fi internet connection.

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