What Happens In The End Of Vampire Diaries The Last Book?


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The last book to be published in the main Vampire Diaries series is named 'The Return Midnight'. It is the final book to be published so far in the main Vampire Diaries series, though both the 'Diaries of Stefan' and 'Diaries of Damon' have been published recently. The general ending of 'The return Midnight' book is listed below, though be aware it does involve spoilers.

In the Nether World, on the smallest moon, the group of Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, Meridith and Mrs. Flowers   find the star ball in a large tree. Damon is unexpectedly killed by the tree when it stakes him in the heart while he saved Bonnie from falling to her death.

Elena uses her "Wings Of Destruction" to destroy the tree and star ball, killing Inari. Shinichi had died earlier from the "Sin of Regret" and Misao dies when all the Power from her star ball has been drained. Mrs. Flowers changes into a younger version of herself before Inari dies. Everyone, including Stefan, Bonnie, and especially Elena, mourn the death of Damon, while Elena promises to never forget him or how she loved him.

The Celestial Court agrees to reverse what was done in Fell's Church in return for the treasures they have collected and erase the memories of what has happened there. Elena can go back home as if she had never died and Stefan will be accepted as her boyfriend. Vicki Bennett, Sue Carson, and Mr. Tanner all get their lives back, but unfortunately; there is nothing that can be done for Damon. Stefan and Elena sit in her old room and cherish the memories that they have of him.

The book ends on the Nether World's smallest moon. It is raining from the tree Elena had destroyed and liquid drips onto a lifeless body. Only it seems to not be lifeless; it thinks of a girl with golden hair and blue eye and a girl with a small face and brown eyes; Elena and Bonnie. It says if he can only remember who he is, he can live again, and with time a self revelation came, a name, Damon.

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