In "The Iliad," Who Killed Hector?


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Hector, the eldest son of King Priam of Troy, won fame for his exploits in the Trojan war, but sealed his own fate when he killed Patroclus, friend and lover of the Greek hero Achilles. In fact this action changed the course of the whole war, because until Patroclus was killed Achilles had been refusing to join the fighting. He was furious because a handmaiden he had desired had been given to somebody else. After the death of Patroclus, however, Achilles was determined on revenge. He found Hector and challenged him to fight. Hector agreed but asked that Achilles show respect to his dead body if he lost. Achilles refused, killed Hector with his spear and for twelve days dragged his body round the tomb of Patroclus. Eventually, King Priam begged Achilles to let him bury Hector, and he relented. Achilles stayed in the war, though, and gave the Greeks major support until his own death.

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Achilles announces on a cliff top after he kills hector that "I KILLED HECTOOOOOOOOR"

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