Does Any One Have A Emdeko Zig Zag Sewing Machine Manual For Free?


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I just saw your post. I have a manual for an Emdeko Zig Zag machine. I still have my machine and need to keep the manual, but I can make a copy for you and mail it if you are still looking.
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Harlo Gearbox
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I also need a manual. I do not expect you to copy and mail to me for free.
I have just bought the machine and it looks great.
harlan spencer
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Please send a copy to me at
N, occupanto
3710 julep drive, Colonial heights. VA 23834

Thank you
Amy commented
Is there any way I could get a copy mailed or emailed to me. I got this machine for my daughter for christmas and need the manual. Thank you .
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Yes I have book in good  shape that came with the machine. I could make a copy, I would like reimbursement for copies and shipping to where? This machine has a lot of guts, I have  sewing business, been sewing for over 30 years and I needed to hem jeans and leather with ease and it does it. I have a Bernina for every day things. I lOVE THE OLD METAL MACHINES that no one else wants, they can do the stuff and take the pressure. I do not mind that they are heavy and the cool thing is that, that travel knit that is so popular, it sews through it also, hems it with NO skipped stitches NO special needles needed. NO Fuss, I like to get to it and just do the job.
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I do not have a free one; but I obtained a good copy of the manual from Relics out of Wisconsin I believe.  I think they cost about $16.00.  You could look it up on the Internet.

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