Where Can I Read The Outsiders Online With Page Numbers?


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Unfortunately you will find it rather difficult to find the full copy of 'The Outsiders' online and with page numbers included. This is to do with the strict copyright laws and if sites uploaded the entire book they would be in grave danger of being prosecuted for breeching this copyright law.

Most towns across the world have a library and so the best advice is to head down to your local library and ask there if they have a copy of 'The Outsiders' you can take out. If you are unsure of where your nearest library is then simply head to and type in the name of the town you are based and then the word library. The address should come up and you can also use google maps to find directions.

There are also many online library sites and other websites where you can download what are called ebooks for a small charge. This charge means you and they are not breeching copyright as they more than likely have acquired the licence to distribute such books. It is means any download are sure to be virus free and you are receiving them from a reliable source rather than an unknown site.
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Try this, its a scanned copy of the book, from top to bottom, and with page numbers

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I think you forgot the link ;)
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I am so sorry I could not find the great link but I found another one, and unfortunately, its a typed copy, someone has typed it from the book and put it on the net. I also found a Text Book of questions, this may help you and give you a bit more of an understanding of this book and with the questions on your assignment.

the book with NO page numbers:

and the question Sheet on the net:
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Thanks Josh, you're a star!
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I have too finish a essay on the book but I need quotes and page numbers. I have been looking around for a while now. I can't find anything so I don't know if there is a place where you can read it with page numbers. If you go to, you can read it without page numbers, though.

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