Can Anyone Help Me Understand The Poem "Portrait" By Judith Wright?


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Well to be precise,this poem talks about how when we engage in a love affair everything looks and seems to be very interesting and exciting.It's a cause of exhilaration. But as time passes,we get used to it. There is no surprise or excitement left and everything becomes sort of mundane.

Hence,it was nothing but just a game.since,every game becomes boring after a certain time.. It starts off with excitement though.
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Judith wright is a feminist poet who fights for the rights of women.She is devoted to the social justice.This poem has given the reflection on male chauvinism and gender discrimination.the poem describes hoe the women are discriminated in the society.The emphasis is on the mutual trust,man's duty to his.Its a appeal to men to sensitize them to the fact that women are as human as men.She does not have any say of her own on anything.Every woman has the right to her husband's love.everyone women should be treated equally in the society.

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