Can You Help To Paraphrase The Following Poems "The Snail" By John Bunyan And "The Daffodils"!


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Let's me know that the SEOMagnifier paraphrasing tool is not an easy technique and the poem rephrasing is the more difficult. Any how you can check the following video guide about your concern and hope it will help you.

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This question would take too  long to answer here. To get you started: The first verse of the Snail  looks at how sure the snail is as she goes on her "short" journey through life (there is a comparison here with human life being short compared to eternity.) The idea is that the snail doesn't worry because she "knows" what she is doing (a form of faith). This continues in the second verse: "the snail "stilly seizes" on her "appointed" food. The sibilant "s" sounds remind you of the snail slithering silently along; the word "appointed" suggests a divine plan. While other creatures that seem top have more freedom of choice, just wander wildly and find nothing. The last verse makes the comparison explicit: Christians should be as steady, sure and trusting as the mindless snail.

No time to look at Daffodils here, but unlike the Snail there are lots of Web resrources for this one. You can find a good paraphrase here, and also if you look up Sparknotes they can help you. Finally if you type the poem titles/authors into Blurtit Search, you can also read what other Blurters have said about them.

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