Which Of The Following Would Not Be A Good Description Of Chaucer's "The Miller's Tale"?


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The answer is d. Teaches about good and evil
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The correct answer for the above question is choice B. Far Fletched Plot. This is because the rest of the three things are right as The miller's Tale had naughty subject matter and it makes fun of the religious beliefs of people and in doing so tells them about good and evil.
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The answer is definitely not B. The Miller's Tale is a fablieau. One of the characteristics is an unrealistic plot in a realistic setting. The idea of John (the carpenter) of even believing Nicholas that there would be a flood is highly unlikely. During this time, even if people were not able to read, they would have known about the story of the flood and known that God promised never to flood the earth again. People would have known through picture stories on church walls as well as guild plays (Mystery plays) that were performed on wagons throughout the streets.

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