Three Of The Following Four Authors Were Alive At The Same Time, Or Within About Twenty Years Of One Another. Which One Os The Following Does NOT Belong In The Group? A) Geoffrey Chaucer B) Leo Tolstoy C) Edgar Allen Poe D) Jane Austen


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The odd one out is a) Geoffrey Chaucer who was born in 1343 and died in 1400.

All the other authors were about 400 years younger than him. The following are their life spans:

Leo Tolstoy - 1828 - 1910
Edgar Ellen Poe - 1809 - 1849
Jane Austen - 1775 - 1817

Leo Tolstoy and Jane Austen were alive within 20 years of one another (1828 - 1817 = 11) while Edgar Ellen Poe and Jane Austen were both living from 1809 (Poe born) -1817 (Austen dies).

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