Letter To The Bank Manager In Respect Of My Account I Want Someone To Withdraw Money From My Account?


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Someone cannot simply go to your bank account and draw out money but if you need to transfer money there is a way. You must give the person you wish to take out money from your account power of attorney or the transaction will be illegal. To do this you have to send a copy of your ID, along with a signed letter for the bank to do a transfer into that person's account. Internet banking makes putting money into other people’s accounts easy with just a click of a button. Remember you can only withdraw money from another person’s account if you are a trustee or attorney. If you are concerned the best thing to do is check with your bank to see what requirements they have. Debit cards mean you can withdraw cash around the world at the click of a button. With the legal right to access an account withdrawals can be done either through visiting a bank or electronic transactions. If you are worried that your account might have been accessed unlawfully or your credit, debit or ATM card has been stolen make sure you contact the financial institution as soon as possible and ask them to protect your money. Identity theft is a serious crime with a large prison sentence.
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In order for you to allow an individual to draw money from your account, you must have given teh person power of attorney on your account, any other way will in actual fact be illegal and the bank will not honour that request on your behalf.  You can however send your copy of your id together with a signed written letter for the bankto do a transfer into that persons account.
Better still why don't you get access to internet banking, transfer teh money to the person's account and let them draw it our for you, if you ahve access to internet which you do. Hope that helps you!

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