What Is Sketching?


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Sketching is a free hand drawing without using any drawing tool. Please find the link below to get information to write 4 pages on sketching.
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sketching is a free hand drawing just using a pencil or different sorts of pencils like thick or thin that will make the sketching to a different tone.
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Sketching is a quickly made freehand image that is can not be presented or called as a completed work.
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  1. A hasty or undefiled drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
  2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.
    1. A brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or a short story.
    2. Music.  A brief composition, especially for the piano.
    3. A short, often satirical scene or play in a revue or variety show; a skit.
  3. Informal.  An amusing person.

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