Please Can You Tell Me Anything On "THE LITTLE WILLOW" By Frances Towers?


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Love is bound less and Lissy one can go beyond love.
Lissy loved simon and simon loved Lissy but both of then mouty knew but after his death she came two her first confession of love by a third person..
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There's not a whole lot around on the internet about this one. I did however find one reviewers comments as per below:    ""The Little Willow" concerns a wallflower named Lisby, eternally outshined by her sisters, who forms an unspoken bond with a similarly shy boy. He heads off to war without either of them ever able to profess (let alone act on) their secret love, and Lisby's heart cracking and crumbling beneath the intact veneer of polished mannerism makes for poignant, affecting reading. When a guest at her sister's wedding informs Lisby that her Emo soulmate has been killed, and that the boy's last words were a stuttering declaration of undying love for her, sentimental old farts such as this reviewer will feel their throats tighten." - Damien Weaver    You can find a review of the complete "Tea with Mr. Rochester" from which the above exert has been taken from, here.

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