How To Write A Compensation Leave Letter For The Duty Taken On Holiday?


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This will have to be a formal letter, and you will need to clearly outline what duty you undertook when you should have been on leave so that there will be no delay in processing your letter and in you receiving your compensation.

  • Plan your letter
Make a list of all of the points that you wish to include and number them in order of priority. By doing this you will not run the risk of leaving out important information that will back up your claim.

  • Writing your letter
You can either word process your letter or write it by hand. In both instances your spelling and grammar should be correct, and in the case of a hand written letter it should be neat and legible.

  • Letter format
Add your place of residence so that the person that you are writing to will know how to contact you. Write the date (in full; don't abbreviate it) underneath your address and also include any references so that your letter can be easily identified.

Write the name and address of the person that you are writing to on the opposite side of the page. Don't worry if you do not know a name; this isn't the end of the world.

Leave a line and then begin your letter with Dear Sir/Madam (if you don't know a name) or with the name of the person.

Make sure that you do not ramble; this should be a succinct and to the point letter simply to inform the relevant department that you worked while you should have been on leave and that you would like to be compensated for this.

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