How To Write A Letter To Apply For Marriage Leave?


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If you need time off to attend a wedding, writing a letter to your boss is a great idea. The best type of letter would be to-the-point but polite.

Writing a letter asking for marriage leave
Most employers will be completely sympathetic once they hear you're getting married, so I wouldn't get too stressed out about what kind of letter to write when requesting leave.

It's in an employer's interest to make sure that staff have a good work/life balance - and a good manager will be aware that situations like weddings, illnesses and family commitments will inevitably arise.

To start your letter off, begin by making it clear who you are addressing. If you're not sure who will be dealing with your leave application, simply use the phrase 'To whoever it may concern'.

The next thing to do is to state exactly what you need. Make it clear that you are requesting leave, and write a short sentence explaining why you need the time off.

Finally, make sure you include the date you intend to leave and what day you'll be back.

If you're not sure about the exact dates (for example if you haven't booked your wedding/honeymoon yet) try to give a rough estimate of how long you'd like to be away, and what time of year you're looking at.

Just remember to be polite and straightforward, and you should be just fine!

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