What Is The Theme Of The Book, 'Surviving The Applewhites' By Stephanie S. Tolan?


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Surviving the Applewhites (2002) is an award-winning children’s book written by Stephanie S. Tolan.

The story revolves around a family called the Applewhites and a delinquent thirteen-year-old boy called Jake, who joins the Applewhite children for homeschooling after being kicked out of every other school on Rhode Island.

Together, the characters must organise a production of The Sound of Music. Despite their differences, they must learn to work together and make the most of each other’s strengths, as well as recognizing their own weaknesses.

What Are The Themes Of Surviving The Applewhites?
  • Community - all the characters have to learn to live with one another
  • Acceptance - the Applewhites give Jake a chance, despite his bad reputation. Jake also has to learn to live with the Applewhites, which isn't easy for him!
  • Teamwork - everybody has to learn to work as a team in order for the production to run smoothly.
  • Appearance vs Reality - Jake's reputation precedes him, but despite his rebellious exterior, he actually turns out to be a good person.
  • Determination - the play doesn't run smoothly, but through determination and perseverance, the family manage to turn it into a success.
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The theme for this book is to never give up if you do wrong.

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