I Was Looking For A Cheerleading Chant, Can You Help Me?


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We want a touchdown, got to have a touchdown, down set, a hut hut hut!!! (redpeat 3 times)

CHEER! What are you waiting for, waiting for? Get up out of your seats, and shake it to the beat. (Repeat 3 times)

We are the (team name) girls, we wear our hair in curls, with our skirts all gathered around. (clap, clap, clap, clap) We push away our toys for the football boys, we are the cutest chicks in town.

Fire up, up Fire up, and yell it for the (team name)! (Repeat 3 times)

Knock em down, roll em around, come on defense work! (repeat 3 times)

Our team is dynomite, our team is out of sight, our team is tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM dynomite. BOOM dynomite  (repeat 3 times)

Florida oranges, Texas cactus, we think your team needs a little practice. Set them in a high chair, feed em with a spoon, roll em up with toilet paper, kick em to the moon! (repeat 3 times)
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Here's a good one! Blow a bubble (clap,clap) we can pop it (clap,clap) try to score(clap,clap) we can stop it,(clap,clap) Do a flip (clap,clap) and we can flop it, (clap,clap) Do your best (clap, clap) and we can top it. Aaaaaahhhh go team name go
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Lets get fired up clap x4
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Yeah. Just think of what your cheering for be creative about it here is one very common:
Athletes unite (clap) give your best fight (clap) sportsmanship you see (clap) # 1 priority
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This is one of my faves =)
The (Team Name) Rock the House! (Clap 2 Times) Repeat that 2 times then say
And When the (Team Name) Rock the House They rock it all the way out!
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We have a cheer that I need to find it goes like this sit back and relaxs your in for a treat
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What grade are you in? Well here are to more articular cheers.... Lets get fired up go big (team,colors) repeat 3x lets get fierd up(team names) are surely tough! Repeat only 2x..... New cheer ...... Go Go G_O - F_I_G_H_T win
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Come on  bighorns( your mascot name)we can do(clap clap) if just put our mind in to it (clap clap)don't worry about it (clap clap)there the guest thats here thery the ones that should be in fear go (your school mascot)
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We had a cheer named that,it went like:
Fired up,Fired up,fired up and up and up and up and up fired up

but I was in 5th grade @ that point so I don't know if its the same

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