How Can I Make A Triptych?


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A triptych is an artwork made up of three parts. A popular way to decorate is by using a triptych made up of three paintings which are displayed side by side.

It is simple to make a triptych which uses abstract shapes to give a graphic and contemporary look to the room. First, buy three matching sizes of canvas from an art or craft supplier. Then use a t-square and pencil to lightly draw rectangles, shapes, or stripes onto the canvas – whatever suits you.

It's a good idea to work on the three canvases at the same time. Some elements like colours or shapes that are repeated in each canvas will serve to unify the whole artwork.

Stick masking tape around the edges of the shapes so that you get a clean line when you paint. Then use house paint and a roller to add colour to your canvases. This gives a flat, modern look. Allow each section to dry before moving to another.

To display your canvases, you can hang them with or without a frame. If you choose to hang without a frame, paint the outer edges of each canvas in the same colour - one that goes well with the colours of your paintings. Triptychs make a bold statement and can provide a graphic centrepiece to your room.

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