Where Do I Find The Hardware To Make Sliding Bookcases?


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Sliding bookcases are a terrific idea anywhere you want to make the best use of your space.  Finding the hardware might take a little time and discussion, but there are a lot of supply options available to you. 

Sourcing information and materials home construction projects like sliding bookcases has become much simpler with the advent of internet.  It searches worldwide, giving you options and resources never before possible, with the added advantage that you can frequently view photos.

Try a number of specialty outlets like the websites listed below.  Be sure to ask questions because if what they stock is not exactly what you need, their expertise may allow them to suggest alternatives or recommend another supplier.


www.pchenderson.com/  "The hardware can also be used in many non-door applications such as fall arrest systems or for sliding machinery, industrial curtains, sports equipment, projector screens and blackboards.”

www.specialtydoors.com/barn-door-hardware/  Also check out "library ladders” on this site in terms of their support rail; adaptable for a sliding bookcase?

Another type of sliding bookcase here and possibly a contact knowledgeable about suitable hardware lumberjocks.com/projects/32529
Variations on the rolling bookcase theme and another possible hardware source to query at www.google.com.mx/imgres?imgurl=http://www.design-decor-stag
One last offbeat idea hubpages.com/hub/Furniture-Sliders-Review-Moving-Men-Magic-S (just make sliding bookcase wide enough to be stable).

Don’t neglect your local resources.  Cabinet makers and carpenters in your area might have experience with something similar and share information to shortcut your hardware search.  Try hardware store personnel; again, if they don’t know they might know someone who does.
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After seeing the picture with the link that you provided with your question, the hardware that they used to guide the bookcase is actually the sliding hardware for exterior barn doors. You might want to contact a farm supplier (I live in Illinois, and our big farm supply store is Farm & Fleet).

According to the link you provided, the people that originally installed the sliding bookcase used casters to support most of the weight, and then used the sliding door hardware mostly as a guide to guide teh bookcase side to side.
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You could try googleing "sliding bookcase hardware" and see what comes up..... I build a lot of custom built in home theatres and the such, and I get a lot of hardware from www.rockler.com. they are a great source, and if they don't have what you are looking for, they could probably lead you in the right direction.....
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I looked at the photo. Fairly complicated application. I would start with Hafele Hardware > www.hafeleonline.com < Hafele offers high end hardware for unique applications. In some cities (San Francisco) they have showrooms. Similar to a rolling bookcase ladder. They offer 2 weight classes > 40kg (88lbs.) Hawa Juinor 40 & 80kg (176lbs.) Hawa Juinor 80. ph# (800) 423-3531
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I do a lot of projects at home and a good place is at the hardware store. They help me in many of my projects. I also would say to go to home depot, and Lowes hareware stores or Menards hardware.
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I,m a woodworker out of maine,, There are many woodworking supply surply places try www.woodcraft.com & www.rockler.com hope this helps freman

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