What Was The Reaction Of Matlida To The Invitation Of Ball? (The Necklace)


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The great short story by the French writer "The Necklace" shows the different reactions of same nature in Matilda responding to the invitation of the party. She first of all didn't take this notice very seriously due to the status quo and she threw the invitation card on the table murmuring that she didn't deserve to go there because of shortage of proper outfit. When her husband made it sure to her that he would arrange for her a good dress she again became gloomy due to the thoughts that she would not have a proper jewelry for the party.
So her normal reaction to the blessings of life and all other things in the story is normally ungrateful to the life and its blessings. She normally took the negative side of any thing. And she was a pessimistic in the story. Her behaviors and reactions were also in a pessimistic way in the story.

So these were the different reactions of Matilda in the story "The Necklace". She also thought to refuse to go in the party due to the lack of matching jewelry.

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