What Are The General Characteristic Of Asian Art?


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There are four major characteristics that can be observed in Asian Art. This particular type of art is very focused on the spiritual side of life and the natural things in the world, which is the opposite of Western art and culture which is more focused on portraits.

The first characteristic that can be examined is delicate imagery such as silk painting which were painted on scrolls with watercolors. Traditionally, these types of paintings often have a story behind them since their emergence in India approximately 2,000 years ago. Silk painting is now strongly associated with China. These types of paintings are particularly admired for their strong use of colors that look strong but also complement each other well. Flowers and birds are often the most common subjects of these types of paintings.

Another characteristic is spiritual art which finds its roots in early Indian, during a time when religious imagery, particularly sculptures of Gods and Goddesses, was dominating art. As Buddhism became established 2,000 years ago, art in India became even more focused on religion, particularly because of the beauty and mystery that surrounds their Gods. For example, a famous figure is the god Shiva who takes the form of a dancer with at least four arms in some sculptures.

The third characteristic is woodblock prints, which are particularly common amongst Chinese and Japanese. Woodblock art done by Japanese people usually depicted landscapes or woodland scenery was at its peak during the 17th and 18th centuries. Chinese and Japanese woodblock art are extremely popular in Western civilizations which may prints ending up in Western homes after their introduction during the mid 19th century.

The final characteristic is Batik which consists of dyeing fabrics through hot wax in particular ways so that they produce patterns. This process is often repeated numerous times depending on how complex and intricate a person wants the design to be. Batik is now used to decorate homes as well as being used to create unique clothing designs.

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