How You Define Letter Of Application And Also Discuss Its Types?


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A letter of application is like a sales letter through which the applicant tries to sell his services, knowledge, skill and experiences.
Letters of application fall into two principal categories. The person seeking a job may use both types.

Solicited Application:
A solicited letter of application is one, which is written in response to an advertisement from the employer. The main advantage of such an application is that the applicant becomes sure about the existence of such a vacancy with the employer. Besides since the requirements of the employer regarding qualifications, experience and age etc of the candidate are also given in the advertisements, it becomes easy for the applicant to apply only for the jobs to which his particular will suit. The main disadvantage of such application is that applicant will have to complete with many other applicants.

Unsolicited Application:
An unsolicited letter of application is one that is written for a job, which has not been advertised by the prospective employer. The primary advantage of writing an unsolicited letter is the likelihood that it will not have to compete with other applications. Besides, the applicant can send similar application to a number of employers at the same time. The chief disadvantages of such letters are there is a possibility that no job is available. And the writer will have to determine for himself the qualifications in which the employer will be most interested.
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Letter of application is the letter where you are applying for something. The most common letter of application is the application letter for a job. There are two kinds of letter of application.

The first kind of letter of application is the Solicited Letter of Application. You send a soliciting letter when you are replying to something which has been asked for. For example you send this type of letter when you send your response to a survey, or you apply for a job after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. Another example is sending in donation to a charity after they have asked for help or you can reply to an oral invitation as well. You then put in your information according to the other's person solicitation.

The other type of application letter is the Unsolicited Letter of Application. This is the opposite of a solicited letter. Here you are sending in an application letter on your own without any advertisement or requirement. This is an uncalled for letter and is an aggressive way of letter writing. For example you send in your curriculum vitae to a company where there is no opening and you tell them what your skill set is and why they should hire you. This is convincing the employer to hire you and show them that you can be an asset to them.
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Letter of application is a letter which an employee use to find a job. This letter is use by the employer to identify his/her applicant. If he/she fit's to the job required by the company.

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