What Makes A Good Fantasy Book?


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There are many good fantasy books around and they all contain the usual elements such as magic, adventure, mythical creatures, heroes, swords, castles etc.

For a fantasy book to be really good though, and this applies to any book, there has to be an engaging plot and interesting characters. No matter how much magic or how many magical creatures are put into the novel, it won't be any good without an interesting plot and characters which really stand out. Themes are also important as well.

The Harry Potter books mix school with magic, and this immediately appealed to children all over the world. Not just that though, but the books also contain issues that we face in real life such as death, problems with friends, troubles at school, rivalry and much more, and for this reason, the books have ended up appealing to a much wider audience.

The Lord of the Rings is a typical fantasy book, and whilst it may not have contained themes as realistic as the Harry Potter books, it appealed to people because J.R.R. Tolkien created a carefully thought out plot and placed his characters in a world which was so detailed that you might end up wondering whether or not it actually exists!

So to create a good fantasy book, you need to have the usual elements along with something interesting and realistic to a certain degree.
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What about dragons , since you don't really see much of them in anything.
My personal opinion would be that  you could write a story about a dragon that gets lost in the human world and ends up befriending a young boy, who helps him find a way back but the dragon is being pursued by an evil guy who is bent on stopping the dragon from returning back home and stopping future darkness from consuming both worlds...hee..hee:) or something related to it, or not
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I am also a writer and a reader. I wrote two fantasy novels. According to me a good fantasy novel is that which can make you feel magical. Though  fantasy novels and stories are surreal but it should have the capability to make you think that the story is real. And the most important thing is that it should make you imagine and create a film of that book in your mind. You have to feel enthusiasm about the story.

If you are writing a fantasy book then best of luck. Best wishes

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A lot of action awesome characters and a whole lot of unrealistic objects or sci-fiction like objects
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A good fantasy book includes drama suspense and of coarse wizards, dragons, war and a hot mid-evil babe.
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Just use a lot imagination, wizards, witches, angels, warlocks, whiteliters, fairies, demons, and any kind fantasy creature you can think of.

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