Who Died First In The Book Lord Of The Flies?


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A littlun with a mulberry birthmark (not a scar) is never seen again after the first fire.  Then Simon is killed by everyone, then Piggy is killed by Roger rolling a rock onto his head.  (This is according to the book, I don't know if it's different in the movies.)
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Aicha- first of all, we didn't really need the explanation of what lord of the flies is all about. Second, it was the littlun with the scar on his face that died first, but I'm not exactly sure how he died. It was either a fire or "the beast" got him.
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Lord of the Flies is the name of an allegorical novel that was written by Nobel Prize-winning author William Golding in the year 1954. The boy named Simon dies first in the book. He is killed by the other boys who mistake him for he beast and tear and stab him to death.
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What happened to the littlun with the scare on his face I thought he died first in the fire.
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The littlun dies first, but it's not intentional.
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All the adults in the plane .

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