Where Do I Find Poems To Put In The Newspaper On The Obituary Column For My Dad's Death Anniversary?


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Yooti Bhansali answered
You can check out the given link for free poems, depending on what kind you need -

Alternatively, I would suggest you pen a little something of your own, to commemorate you father's death anniversary instead of ripping off someone else's work. Or, if your father had a favourite poet or author, you can take something from their work which applies to the situation.

However, it would still be suitable if wrote down a few words, doesn't matter if it's not a full fledged poem, to express your grief over your loss and more importantly, your appreciation for the kind of role that he played in your life.

Try and write down some of the emotions that your father's memory evokes in you. Think of all the things that you have learnt from him, and then write them down. It will be more satisfying than any poem you might find.

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