Is There Is Any Similarity Between Epic And Tragedy, According To Aristotle's Poetics?


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There are several affinities between Epic and Tragedy, which are as follows
1. Both epic and tragedy are imitations of higher subjects, and deal with characters of higher type. It means that the major character in epic and tragedy deals with high position in society.
2. Plot, characters, thought and diction are considered as common elements in epic and tragedy.
3. The structure in the case of both should show a unity, though in this matter an epic is allowed more freedom than tragedy. According to Aristotle, the structure of the epic should be modeled on dramatic principles. Single action should as far as possible, be the proper content of the epic. The action should be of course having a proper beginning, middle and end; be a complete organic whole, just as it should be in tragedy.
4. Epic poetry is similar to tragedy in that it has as many species as in tragedy.
5. The plots in epic are complex or simple, full of suffering, or concentrate on characters like in tragedy.
6. The basis of dividing the epic into different kind is the same as it is in the tragedy.

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