Do You Know Any Good Drama Warm Up Games?


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Certainly do, know a whole ton of them, packed into my brain, let me spill some out.

To get a large group to run around, you can play a game called 'In groups of' You shout out a number and the participants have to run and get into groups of that number. If there are any left over, then they are out. Have a few hippie go's, where people can get used to the game, then start being ruthless.

Huggy trees is a game, where all of the participants stand in a big circle, each gets a partner and they make an inner and an outer circle. The outer circle put their arms around the inner circles waist, the inner circle puts their arms out like trees (oh dear no, it's drama and we're trees), the game should be played with an odd number. The person remaining stands in the middle. The aim of the game is for the person in the middle to find themselves an empty tree, whilst the huggers try desperately to change trees as often as possible. If someone is without a tree, they are on and in the middle.
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This website is dedicated totally to drama games it looks relatively new but there's about 50 odd games on there.
Here  is the sites description is a free online educational resource, dedicated to drama games and theatre based games and exercises designed to develop skills used in performing arts aimed at teachers
There are about 50 games on there at the minute but it looks pretty new & encourages people to add more
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Name Games:

Red ball, Yellow Ball
2 Truths and a Lie
Alliteration and Action
Tornado Names
This is...

Ice Breakers and Warm Ups:

Rubber Chicken
Go, Stop, Jump, Floor
Fruit Salad
Cat and Mouse
Cross the circle if...
1-2-3 Rhythm
Pirate Ship
King of the Keys
Wink Murderer
Prisoner and Guards
Wolf and Sheep
Word Association
Duck, Duck, Goose!
The Shakes/Silly Faces
Instructions Call Outs (groups, body parts, shapes, line order etc)

Characterisation Exercises:

Adopt a Pose
Mirrors/Face to Hand
Emotion Pairs
Lead with...
What is the Prop?
Cross circle Characters
Moulding Clay Mime
Alien Greetings
Exaggeration Movements
Robot Trusts
Poetry Dramatisation
Improvisations/Freeze. (Words/Pictures/Narration/Mime etc)

Cool Down Activity's

Pattern Leader
Look down, look up.
Counting Concentration
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Drama games are great for interactive learning for kids of all ages. They are an excellent tool for development of Listening and speaking skills. They can be Physical, Verbal or concentration based. Here is a link from where you can get different drama games:
Drama Games
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You might be interested the new book by Nancy Hurley, published by Meriwether Publishing Ltd., 175 Theatre Games, Warm-up Exercises for Actors. It's available at most book stores and at Be sure to check it out.

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