What Techniques Did Georgia O'Keeffe Use?


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In her earlier years she used more impressionistic color, and the painting technique was looser. Later in her years after her husbands death, she focused more on landscape and skulls when she permanantly moved to Sante Fe, New Mexico.
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Georgia Totto O'Keeffe is a well known American artist. She was quite famous for her different painting techniques like synthesizing abstraction and representing them in paintings of flowers, rocks, shells animal bones and landscapes.

O'Keeffe went to Town Hall School in Wisconsin and got art lessons from her neighbouring watercolorist, Sara Mann. In the year 1905, O'Keeffe got her self admitted to the Art Institute of Chicago. Later in 1908, she bagged the League's William Merritt Chase still-life award for her painting "Mona Shehab".

During O'Keeffe's initial years in New York she got to know quite a few American modernists who later became her close friends.

In the year 1962, she was inducted into the fifty-member American Academy of Arts and Letters.

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