What Movement And Style Was Georgia O'Keeffe Involved In?


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Georgia O'Keeffe's style ultimately can only be described as unique and deeply personal. However, she is often associated with the American Modernist Movement. Georgia O'Keeffe was seen as leading, at the forefront of this movement. While she often abstracted objects as well as and used expressionism in her paintings, she should not be slotted into specific categories. O'Keeffe could be thought of as leading the women artists' movement.

Her special style of teaching also managed to raise eyebrows around from time to time. The American Modernist Movement has been linked with depiction of various facets of American life by use of iconic imagery, like, for instance landscapes, still lifes as well as figurative works.

Her most famous works would be those of sweeping flowers, skulls as well as adobes and desert scenes.

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