What Do I Need To Do To Become An Actress?


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You could try auditioning online it will improve your career.
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There are a lot of qualities that you need to develop in yourself if you wish to become an actress and prime among them is to develop your creativity in such a way that when you are doing some acts you just feel that you are the embodiment of that particular person and nothing else at that particular moment.

To develop these qualities in yourself you can start with reading classic books on literature and when you are reading them, you should peruse not just read them. When you are so much involved in something then your creativity will enhance itself without any further effort. The other things that you can do include taking care of your body because if it is good, only then people crave for it and will throng theatres to watch your movie.

The other thing that is also very important is to make good connection with film personalities so that they can view your talent and for this purpose you can take admission in any acting school as no school can teach you acting and it is only a meeting place for the like minded people.
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Take up a class of acting or theater and arts. Keep doing it until you get better. Save up some money and go to acting school and the directors, and screenwriters will probably hook you up with connections of good directors such as spike lee.
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The problem is I live in morocco  and my parents won't let me go alone to hollywood

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