What Does The Colour Red Represent?


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Symbolizes love, happiness, romance, passion, excitement, and celebration but it can also indicate danger, blood, violence and anger.
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Depends on the culture. It's a good luck and fertility colour in China (brides wear it too). Red, in western societies, sometimes is used as a device to represent a "scarlet" woman, ie, of loose morals. It is also a "power" colour, denoting confidence, and passion. Is this linked with the belief that a bull will charge at a red cape? Or that men will "charge" at a woman wearing sexy red lipstick, or a red dress? ;)
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Fire , anger , aggressiveness , and violence in my opinion.
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Religiously, the color Red signifies blood
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Red is an attention-grabbing colour. It is often used to indicate a situation of danger or emergency. It symbolises heat, fire and hot water on taps. It is the colour of the fire fighting profession and is often the colour of fire alarm boxes and fire extinguishers.

At a traffic signal, the red light indicates stop. On the road, a signpost which is red in colour indicates a stop sign, a red light indicates either the red light of the traffic signal, the brake lights of a vehicle and the flashing lights of a school bus.

Red is also the colour of blood. It is the colour of the emblems of the Red Cross Society, the Red Crescent Society and the Red Crystal Society, as well as that of the Geneva Conventions. It indicates extreme dangers on scales that have a colour code, especially in the Western countries of the world.
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Red color is playing both the roles of the cupid and the devil at the same time. Red is a hot color and that results in a series of what can be said as the conflicting emotions which range from passionate love, romance to violence and warfare.

When red color is taken into account the positive aspects that can be related to this color is courageous, pioneering spirit, confident, determined, energetic and spontaneous. But at the same time this color bring negative connotations as well like fearful, ruthless, domineering, aggressive and quick tempered.
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Blood, anger, passion, fire and love.
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Politically, it signifies communist or socialist views. Generally, it is associated with danger.
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In general usage, most associated with danger and with warning signs. Politically, generally associated with Socialist societies.

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