Who Quoted Children Are Born With Wings, Teachers Help Them To Fly?


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The phrase 'children are born with wings and teachers help them to fly' was coined by Canadian internet blogger Shelby Stollery in 2003.

The phrase often appears on fridge magnets, posters and other decorative items, sometimes presented to a teacher by their students at the end of a school year. The fridge magnets can be purchased online at sites like Avena for £1.99. Some schools use the phrase as an inspirational motto.

If you want to hear more from Shelby Stollery, she is on Twitter and blogs on, where she has written on subjects such as the history of Ice Hockey and the life of Wayne Gretzky.

And if you'd like a bit more information on the special role that teachers play in a student's life, then take a look at this truly inspirational video of the most amazing teachers on the planet:

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