What does the quote, 'Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly' mean?


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Essentially, the quote (which is taken from the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes) is saying that a life without hopes and dreams is no life at all.

Being able to fly is an integral part of being a bird (stay with me on this - we're disregarding penguins, chickens and turkeys for the moment) and so, with broken wings, something hugely important is missing.

Our hopes and dreams are the equivalent of the bird's wings; without them, we lack the peace, hope and freedom that flight is associated with. In other words, the broken-winged bird is a metaphor for despair, sadness and hopelessness.

So What Should I Take From The Quote? The message is to hold onto your hopes and aspirations, as these are what keep us going. Without them, life loses its meaning, and we become the bird with broken wings - not that this would matter much if you were a turkey, because they can't fly anyway. I don't think Hughes was thinking of turkeys when he wrote it, though, so we'll interpret the quote as an inspirational philosophy instead.
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Sometimes all we have is our dreams. Dreams are like hope. We need hope. We dream and hope of a better life, better future, and love. Without that we have nothing to hope for. A bird with a broken wing is the same. To survive it needs to fly. Without that he cannot survive. So basically without our dreams we wither, much the same as a bird without wings will die.

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