In The Book "Night", What Was The Most Important Thing That Moche Taught Eliezer?


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Moshe the Beadle, a poor Jewish mystic and temple caretaker who hailed from the town of Sighet, is Eliezar Wiesel's (also known by his nickname Elie) spiritual mentor and friend. Elie is a deeply religious boy, enjoys studying the Talmud (which is the Jewish holy book) and is looking for a person who can teach him the Jewish mystical teachings which are known as the cabbala.

Moshe asks Elie why he prays. Though Elie believes that praying is as natural as breathing, he says he does not know. From that day on, Moshe becomes his spiritual mentor and they spend hours in each other's company at the temple talking about the mysteries of God.

Moshe, who was deported to Poland in the year 1942, warns Elie and the other Jews of Sighet that they would die if they do not prepare themselves in advance. He wants them to pay attention to him.

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