What Are The Answers To Unit 7 In The Level G Book?


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To get the answers to the questions which are given in the seventh unit of the level G book, you have to refer to log on to the vocabulary testing website on the Internet. The website is

When you log on to this website, you will see a list of links to the various levels of questions. When you click on the link which will redirect you to level G, it will give you the entire list of units into which this level has been divided. Unit seven deals with such topics as learning definitions, reverse definitions, vocabulary sentences, synonym practice, reverse synonyms, antonyms online and reverse antonyms.

You can take tests in any of these topics by clicking on the relevant links which are given on these redirected pages. These practice tests enable people to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (which is commonly abbreviated as the SAT and pronounced in the same way as the word sat).

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