the mood of the story?


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It was a dark and stormy night. Nothing could be seen except for little twinkles from rain drops, coming down at an angle from the glow of the moon. This Cheshire cat moon was reflecting off of a hidden lake. You could hear wild life scurrying in the distance desperate to find shelter. Other noises came from hungry animals in search of a meal before the sun comes up and they become the meal. The air was cool and crisp. There was a hint of a sent of burning wood from an old bonfire two campers had just put out. And there I was, alone, in a small boat somewhere in the middle of this blackened water. I was drifting away from the direction of the moon. My light was dimming away by the minute. No one knew I was there. I had ventured out for a day of solitude to reflect on the heartache I was experiencing from the loss of my lover. He ate my cooking and died. Just then a bump jolted my boat and I went careening down the middle of the lake going further and further out to nowhere! I couldn't see anything and I couldn't stop the ride. And then suddenly it stopped and there was complete silence. I slowly stood up to see if just maybe my eyes could adjust enough to get a glimpse of that something in the water. But there was nothing......

See I set a mood of suspense. The mood of the story is how you wanna make it.

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In literature, the mood of a story can be figured out
through the word used. For example, if you see words such as joy, blissful and
pleased, it is clear that here the mood is happy. However, if you see a
plethora of ellipsis after an idea, this could point at suspense.

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