What the story of ang matalinong pilandok?


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The fable of Ang Matalinong Pilandok can be found online by searching on a trusted search engine such as Google. Once you have found a copy of the fable, you might need to translate it into your language which, from your question, appears to be English. To do this, you may wish to:

• Search online for a translator.
• Copy and paste the fable into the translator of choice.
• Read the fable.

Due to the nature of online translators being that they interpret each word alone, you may get a very disjointed version of the fable back that you mightn't be able to understand. If you would really like to get a proper translation of the fable, you can find a website online that will allow you to get an actual person, instead of a machine, to translate the fable for you. However, this often comes at a price, so you may need to be prepared to pay a small fee to get the fable translated.

If you do not wish to go down this route, you could alternatively visit your local library and ask them if they could assist you with finding the story behind Ang Matalinong Pilandok. They will do their very best to help you with your request and may be able to put you in touch with the actual answer. If not, get in touch with someone who studies Filipino literature, as they should know all about it, with it being a fable.

Fables are well known stories that are passed around from generation to generation. The only difference to normal short stories with fables is that they offer a message or moral at the end, which is based on the story. This means that children can learn from the stories that are told to them as children, using loveable characters to help them get an idea of right and wrong.

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