What are some Causes and Effects of Romeo and Juliet getting Married?


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Romeo finally had someone to do the cooking, washing and ironing.

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well they were to young.

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The marriage, quickly enacted by Friar Lawrence, changes the whole face of the play. This device, was highly favoured by playwrights at the time, ( altering the entire course of the play), and Shakespeare uses it well in this particular production. He uses it earlier, when Peter, the illiterate servant of Capulet, interests both Romeo and Benvolio, to go to Capulet's feast that night, which again turns the whole pay on its head!  The conditions Romeo must now live under, greatly alter his opinion of Tybalt for instance, the Capulet master swordsman, who he refuses to fight as he is now his kinsman! Resulting in the death of Mercutio. This is but one instance that Romeo must now consider, among others

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    On another matter, I refer you to, "Shakespeare, the biography" by Peter Ackroyd, published by Chatto and Windus, page 359, third paragraph, and, "The Rough Guide to Shakespeare" by Andrew Dickson, published by Rough Guides, page, 250.

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