I'm writing a scene in my book that has abuse...can anyone help me?


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Happy to try, but since you haven't told us what kind of abuse, who is being abused by whom, who the characters are, how they come to be in a circumstance that has led to that abuse, or the outcome you hope to achieve, it's very difficult.

Consider this scenario:

Nell cringed on the damp soil, terror seizing her mind, as Ned towered above her, his eyes crazed and dangerous. The pain from her broken ribs was excruciating, and growing worse each time he kicked her as she lay dazed at his feet.

It had seemed such a small thing to enrage him; it was only an apple. True, it had been the last apple, but even though he had wanted it there was surely no need to treat her like this.

Once again, Ned reared up, and just when she thought she would die beneath his hooves there was the sound of a gunshot as Farmer Fred came running into their yard and fired is shotgun into the air. 

Startled, Ned galloped away and Fred pulled out is mobile phone to call the vet.

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