Do you have a mythical hero? King Arthur? Superman? Achilles? Dangermouse? Tintin? Dracula's less well-known and much less evil sister? Harry Potter?


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Merlin -- particularly as portrayed in Mary Stewart's books.

Favourite Merlin quote: "When you put yourself in the way of the gods, magic can happen.

Translation: Don't be afraid to take chances. Opportunity is waiting for you to grab it by the throat and run with it.

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Ray  Dart
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Merlin? A mere amateur.
Didge Doo
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Pommy bstd. He was an early Welsh nationalist. Just as well for you lot he's not around today.
Ray  Dart
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Depending upon what source you use, Welsh, Cornish, Anglo- Saxon (or even French). Still a rank amateur though.....
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Hi RD,

I am totally enchanted with Kokopelli...playing his flute in the American Southwest, typically a knapsack of seeds on his back.

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I think Rebecca black is my hero  ...I sing this song every friday in  my shower and if she can get her 15 minutes so can I !

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Darth Revan. He brought two empires to their knees: the Mandalorian clans and his own Sith empire. He nearly brought down the Republic as well until the Jedi stopped him in a desperate attempt to save their people by turning him from the Darkside. A truly conflicted hero.

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Hermione Granger, the first female character I read who was more than some emotional "oh I need a guy to save me" kinda girl. And she was super smart and hardworking.

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Leonidas ! King of SPARTA !

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