Diary entry on the experience of the brook till it joins the brimming river in 100 to 150 words from the poem brook by Alfred Lord?


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This isn't even a coherent sentence.  Sticking a question mark at the end of a bunch of words does not increase readability or make it into a question.  Perhaps, if you had done your own work all along and asked for help when you didn't understand material, you would be capable of doing this work yourself.  Nobody is going to do your homework for you.

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The answer you will read on this link should give you some idea of what your teacher wants you to be writing about---which is, I assume, how the narrative moved or affected you.


(It seems coherence is in the mind of the reader. I do have to pause when I read the question, but while your "communication" isn't precise, it works for me.

If your "question" doesn't follow the format of a question for this site, I would think the moderators would have removed it.)

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