How do I learn how to type faster then I all ready am? How do I do it?


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This will sound paradoxical but the best way to gain speed is to slow down.

I've spent my life on keyboards of one kind and another but when I learned to type in 1954 I was truly awful. One of my tutors said, "You're trying too hard. Slow down. Sit up straight. Get a rhythm. That rhythm will give you speed."

It works. Try typing very evenly. You can hear your fingers tapping the keys tap-tap-tap-tap-tap very, very evenly. You do that for a month and you'll be surprised how fast you are typing.

Oh yeah. Watch your posture. You'll never be a speedster if you slump in your chair.

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It takes time, Yosey, but it works.
I the worst typist in a class of 14 (typing was only one of the things we had to learn) and always finished last in our weekly test.
A few weeks after getting on to the rhythm method (umm...) I was second last. By the end of the course, three months later, the only two people in front of me had both been able to type before they started.
It's a very good method.
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Simple; Practice and then when you think you're fast, practice even more until you're happy at a pace you can live with

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